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Please feel free to e-mail me with any race reports, results, pictures etc. of any events you have taken part in, I will gladly post them. If there is anything you want to see on the web site e-mail amanda_mcleod@btinternet.com

The current leaders in the 2014 Grand Prix ladies series are Katie Scott, Angela Ackerley, Kath Blakey and Tricia Bell.  In the mens series the leaders are David Peacock, Mark Young, Tony Main and Dick Hatfield. 
There are three events left on the calendar for the 2014 Grand prix series but as so many of you have not completed five events we are considering adding a few more.  The events in our series are supposed to be local but the definition of local has been stretched to include the Lake District.  If you have entered or are planning to enter an event and you would like it included in the series then please send us an e-mail with the details.
The scores so far can be seen above.  Teesdale and Hartlepool tri both take place this weekend so you can expect some changes in the standings. updated 10-09-14

Recent Results
Buttermere Triathlon - 13th September 2014 - Well done to Mark Young who completed Buttermere Triathlon on Saturday and finished 6th overall and 2nd Vet40 in a time of 03:02:03, the distances were 1.5k swim, 44k bike and 13k trail run.
Sundown Middle Distance Triathlon, Allerthorpe - 6th September 2014 - Well done to Kristian Bunting who finished in a time of 4:50:01 with splits of; Swim: 00:35:30, Cycle: 02:28:08, Run: 01:43:19. He came 19th over all and 7th in his age group.
Zell Half Ironman, Austria - 31st August 2014 - Well done to Angela Ackerley who completed a half Ironman in Zell, Austria despite having man flu for some considerable time, brave effort Angela in what I hear were wet conditions. Her time was 06:03:06.
Bassenthwaite Olympic Distance - Well done to Angela Ackerley for coming 2nd in her category and 7th lady in a time of 02:45:08
Sun City - 3rd August 2014 - Well done to Dick Hatfield for coming 3rd in his age group in a time of 01:27:18
Haven Point Triathlon - 10th August 2014 - Well done to Kath Blakey for winning her category in a time of 01:09:29 updated 15-09-14

Hartlepool Big Lime Triathlon - 21st September 2014
Eight club members competed in the "Big Lime" triathlon yesterday, 1:15:56 Stephen Oyston, 01:16:18 Tricia Bell, 1:17:29 Kay Stokes, 1:17:50 Eoin Carroll, 1:18:00 Graeme Downs, 1:21:28 Joe Foley, 1:28:41 Michael Stockwell, 1:30:47 Alan Ball and 1:49:50 Peter Ball. Tricia was second lady overall and won her category. Kay was third and won her category too! Well done everyone! added 22-09-14

Cleveland Triathlon Club Relays - Sunday 14th September
Well done to all the teams that turned out yesterday to make our annual relay event a resounding success. Thanks to Richard and Linda Hatfield for organizing it and to all the marshals who gave up their time to help. Here are the results. added 15-09-14

  Ironman Wales - Sunday 14th September
David Peacock decided not to compete in our relays and opted for the only slightly harder Ironman Wales, well done on your fantastic achivement. added 15-09-14

Helvellyn Triathlon - 7th September 2014
Jeff Belt, Owen Taylor and Peter Ball (no triathlon at the Lake District would be complete without him) conquered the mighty Hellvelyn Triathlon at the weekend, with a 1 mile swim in Lake Ullswater followed by 38 miles of cycling; including the Kirkstone Pass and finally a trip up and down Helvellyn, It's certainly not for the faint hearted! Jeff finished in 04:12:14, Owen in 05:12:49 and Peter Ball in 08:06:17, well done to all three of you. added 07-09-14

  Triology Super Sprint Series – Event 3 – 27th August 2014
The final installment in the Triology super sprint series saw 7 club members testing their speed work in and around Ellerton Lake, our first member home was Paul Mcgough in 44:37 in 8th place, then came Owen Taylor in 45:39 giving him 13th overall, Tony Main was next in 48:21 then we had Kay Stokes who was also 2nd female in 49:08 followed closely by Graeme Downs in 50:36, next up was Paige Mcleod in 54:31 9th female and finally Sandra Main in 01:05:15. Well done everyone, i'm sure these increasingly popular events will be back next season. added 01-09-14


Redcar Triathlon – Sunday 3rd August 2014
We had 23 members taking part in the Redcar Sprint Triathlon 750 meter sea swim, 20k closed road bike and a 5k run along the seafront. Angela Ackelery was 3rd Vet40 in a time of 01:15:57, Kath Blakey was 1st Vet50 in a time of 01:13:14, Kay Stokes was 2nd Vet50 in 01:17:58. For the men Mark Young was 2nd Vet40 in a time of 01:04:03 and 7th overall, also worth a mention is David Cole who finished 8th overall in a time of 01:04:10. Well done everyone else that took part. added 14-08-14


Triology Super Sprint Series – Event 2 – 13th august 2014
Well done to all our members who took part in the second instalment of the Triology Super Sprint Series at Ellerton Lake. Joel was our first member home in 7th position in 00:42:29, then came Paul Mcgough in 10th in a time of 00:43:13 closely followed by Owen Taylor in 13th position in 00:44:03, Dave Peacock was next in 15th position in a time of 00:44:39 then Ellis Hutchinson in 17th position in a time of 00:45:59, finally we had Tony Main in 25th in a time of 00:47:16. Sorry if I missed anyone, there are no club names on the results. added 14-08-14

Castles Challenge Triathlon - Bamburgh -70.3
Well done to our two club members who competed at Bamburgh, Kristian Bunting completed in a time of 05:44:01, he did a swim time of 01:23:57 a bike of 04:10:58 and a super quick run in 01:32:05. Peter Ball finished in a time of 08:34:00, he did a swim time of 01:52:02 a bike of 05:45:56 and a run of 02:46:01. added 01-08-14


Castles Challenge Triathlon's - Castle Howard - 26th & 27th July
Castle Howard hosted a number of different triathlons over the weekend varying in distance. On the Saturday we had Mark Young and Jonathan Quain in the Super Sprint (400m, 23k, 4k), Mark finished 3rd overall and got the bravery award for getting his toe tangled in his wheel, his times were 09:53 swim, 40:30 bike, 15:42 run, 01:07:31 total. Jonathan was 12th overall and 3rd Vet40, his times were 11:22 swim, 43:51 bike and 17:21 run, 01:14:44 total. Second claim member Paul Brown won the Super Sprint Plus Triathlon (800m, 46k, 8k) in a time of 02:08:18 with splits of 16:57 swim, 01:18:43 bike and 31:05 run.
Angela Ackerley raced "The Gauntlet" on the Sunday which is a half Ironman distance event (1.9k, 90k, 21k) she finished an impressive 7th female and 1st Vet40 in a total time of 05:57:01 with splits of 41:04 swim, 03:03:06 bike and 02:10:15 run.
Well done everyone. added 28-07-14

Ironman UK
Massive well done to Mark Dawson and Jeff Belt who completed Ironman UK last weekend. Jeff finished in 11:09 despite a few ‘stomach’ problems on the run and Mark finished in 11:58(1.08 swim, 6.26 bike and 4.14 run) despite having a crash on the bike! Sounds like you both did well to finish! Great Stuff. added 27-07-14

Triology Super Sprint Triathlon - Event 1 - 23rd July 2014
We had several members taking part in the first ever Triology Super Sprint Triathlon at Ellerton Water Park. A great little event 400m open water swim, 15.5k bike and 2.2k run around the lake, well marshaled and organized and good value for money. Watch out for the next in the series on the 13th of August at Triology.
Well done Tony Main, Sandra Main, Kay Stokes, Steven King, Dick Hatfield and a big well done to Paige Mcleod as it was her first "proper adult" triathlon and she finished 13th. added 24-07-14

Cleveland Steelman - 19th July 2014 - RESULTS
Well done to all our members who took part in the Cleveland Steelman last weekend. The results are still not finalised so I wont add them until they are but a provisional copy can be found at www.trihard.co.uk.
It sounds like it was a bit of a wet one which I always think is worse for the marshals and organizers so a big thank you to the marshals and Sandra Main for organizing the event. As always we have had lots of positive feed back so we shall look forward to seeing you all next year.
20 club members competed, well done to Jen Milsom who was 1st Vet40 in a time of 05:15:18, Angela Ackerley was 2nd vet40 in a time of 05:36:54 and David Cole was outstanding and finished 1st open male in a time of 04:40:20! updated 24-07-14

  Warm Weather Training
Fancy escaping the cold weather next winter, check out this Spanish apartment. I'm sure there will be plenty of bike and run routes and judging from the picture there is a pool! Click here for poster. Contact details are on the poster, you can also call 07789658837 or e-mail sue.mcdonnell102@btinternet.com . added 22-07-14

  Sunday Swimming
Please make sure you turn up for swimming on a Sunday by 4:50 and are ready to swim 5:05 - 6:05, the life guards are only there for that hour and people are increasingly turning up late. added 08-07-14


Grand prix 2014 - The Rules!
There are a lot of new members in the club who may not know about our grand prix series, and as we have tweaked the rules a bit then we thought it best to clarify matters:

  1. Points are awarded on the basis of your finishing time with respect to the winning time both male and female. 
  2. Points scored in ironman events are doubled.  This is in recognition of the huge time and energy commitment that this requires, and the fact that this makes it much more difficult to fit in “normal” events.   The ironman does not have to be local or even in the UK.  All we ask is that you enter as a member of Cleveland Triathlon Club and you provide details of the race and the results.
  3. Your best five results in the season count towards your final score.  The top three in each age group will qualify for prizes that are usually awarded at the AGM. 
  4. To qualify for a prize you must have completed a minimum of three events.

 If you are entering (or have entered) a local event that is not currently listed on the grand prix schedule and you want it to be included then please drop us an e-mail for consideration. added 30-04-14

Open Water Swimming
Bishopton Lake: The Lake opens for swimming from May 1st - 30th September and Tuesday night is still the late night opening.
David Walker - Ocean swimmer and coach is holding a course at Bishopton in June Here is a link to David's web site:
Ellerton Lake is open all year, please go to club training sessions to read out guidance on open water swimming and for more venue information. added 17-04-14

Warm Weather Training
Fancy escaping the cold weather, check out this Spanish apartment. I'm sure there will be plenty of bike and run routes and judging from the picture there is a pool! Click here for poster. Contact details are on the poster please contact the owner which unfortunately is not me! added 14-11-13

IMPORTANT: Club Membership
Now the membership is up and running can you all make sure you have renewed your membership, to continue to receive subsidized swimming sessions. Please also make sure that you have the correct e-mail address and phone number in case we need to contact you about pool closures etc. The links for both adult and junior membership can be found on the left hand side of this page.
It is a condition of membership within Cleveland Triathlon Club that ALL members marshal one of our events. Year after year it is the same people turning up to help, many of whom are not even club members. We would appreciate that once you have made your selection for the event you are willing to marshal you honor that commitment. Please be considerate to the event organisers who already have a hard enough job to do with out being let down at the last minute.
The cost of membership and entry fee's for events are kept low because of voluntary helpers, if we have to start paying for marshals the membership and event entry fees will increase.


Triathletes with Disabilities
Are you disabled and up for a new challenge? click here.

"If God invented marathons to stop people from doing anything more stupid then triathlons must have taken Him completely by surprise!"

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