Swimming Etiquette

Arrive in good time to get ready for the swim section of the session.

Shower before you enter the pool.

Swimmers with long hair need it tied up or a swimming cap.

Do not run on poolside.

Always follow the coaches instructions carefully and make sure you know the lane direction, do not swim up the middle of the lane.

Notify a coach of any health problems you have before or during the session.

Notify a coach if you need to leave the pool mid-session.

Slower swimmers should wait to set off until faster swimmers have passed (i.e. don’t push off right in front of a faster swimmer who’s coming into the wall about to turn, as this blocks the faster swimmer).

Slower swimmers should push off almost immediately behind a faster individual or group, thus extending the time until they are lapped again and need to stop.

Faster Swimmer starting a set should give slower swimmers as much “running room” as possible before pushing off, (rather than jumping right behind and immediately tapping their toes to move over.)

Swimmers resting or otherwise waiting at the wall should stay far to one side of the lane. Do not stand or float in the middle of the lane.

Swimmers should never stop in the middle of a length e.g. to adjust goggles.

Be aware of other swimmers in the lanes pace if you find the pace is too slow or fast then move up or down a lane.

If you wish to overtake a swimmer tap gently on their feet, you may need to do this two or three times, please do not repeatedly slap another swimmers feet.
Be aware that your effort level is reduced when drafting behind another swimmer, so don’t signal you want to go in front unless you are sure you can increase your pace. Also, if you are drafting leave sufficient room so your not continually tapping the leading swimmers feet.

Do not swim wide past a swimmer unless your absolutely sure its safe to do so and you have the speed to do so. Be aware if you both get to the wall at the same time.

When you feel someone touching your feet continue to the end of the length and wait in the corner until the swimmer behind has pushed off, if there is more than one swimmer in close concession then wait for them all to pass.

Be aware of your speed in the set, you can judge if you are holding the lane up by taking a quick look when turning.

Leave a suitable gap between you and the swimmer in front when setting off.

There is no shame in moving up and down the lanes, please be respectfully that everyone wants a good session no matter what their ability.

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