Grandprix series 2019

Thank you all for responding to Sandras’ e-mail and providing your results .  Here is the latest spreadsheet with all the new information added.  We will give you a week or so to check that we now have all your results listed before we publish the final list confirming this years winners.

I have been asked to clarify the rules of the grand prix series which are unchanged from previous years, so here goes:

  • Scores are calculated based on either the male or female winners time.
  • Most events are scored out of 100 but if there is more than one race at the same event then the longer race is scored out of 100 and the shorter race out of 90.
  • Events are generally to be local apart from Ironman distance races which can be anywhere in the world.  All we ask is that you enter as “Cleveland Triathlon Club”.
  • Ironman events are scored out of 200 to reflect the additional time and effort required to prepare.
  • Minimum of three events required to qualify for the series
  • Scores from the best five results count towards the total.
  • As part of your club membership we expect you to marshal one of our club events.  You cannot therefore gain points from more than two of our events.

Prizes are to be awarded to the best three in each age group at our AGM on 10th November.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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