Grand Prix – The Rules

The rules are the same as last year and are listed below on this website.  One clarification regarding our own events; as club members you should all be marshalling one of the three (Sprint, Short Course or Steelman) and therefore you cannot score points in all three.  If you have entered all three (we assume that you have arranged a substitute marshall) then we will pick the best two results for inclusion in the grand prix series.  This is just to be fair on those members who would have entered all three if it were not for the marshalling rule.
Happy racing!

  • Points are awarded on the basis of your finishing time with respect to the winning time both male and female.
  • Most events will be scored out of 100, but ironman events will be scored out of 200, and super sprint races scored out of 90.  If there is more than one race at the same event then the long race will be scored out of 100 and the points available for the other races will be reduced.  A list of races and the points available can be found here.
  • The events in the grand prix series are intended to be local although we traditionally include Helvellyn and other events in the Lake District.  The ironman does not have to be local or even in the UK.  All we ask is that you enter as a member of Cleveland Triathlon Club and you provide details of the race and the results.
  • Other events will be considered for inclusion in the series but we would expect it to be local and sanctioned by Triathlon England.
  • Your best five results in the season count towards your final score.  The top three in each age group will qualify for prizes that are usually awarded at the AGM.
  • To qualify for a prize you must have completed a minimum of three events.
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