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Arthur Puckrin R.I.P 1938-2018

Sadly Arthur passed away in 2018, we are leaving this page as a tribute to him and all his various adventures. 

We have also received a poem from Jonathan Skidmore, a Thank You to Arthur, a copy of which can be found here. 

Cleveland Triathlon Club is proud to boast Arthur Puckrin as one of its members. Born in 1938 in Middlesbrough making him our oldest member, he constantly shocks us all with his ultra endurance feats, we invite you to read some of his self written race reports from a selection of events some of us could only dream of completing.

“My running continued and I beat 50 horses over 44 miles at Wolsingham Horse Trials. They refused to let me run the National Championships as I did not have the required number of legs”
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12 Mile Swim, 560 Mile Bike, 131 Mile Run
To read about Quin Iron Man, 2005, Monterrey, Mexico click here

“I am in the lead on the last day. Should I run all out and try and maintain my lead to the finish? I know there are some fast runners behind me but we have been going for nearly 10 days and everyone is exhausted.”
To read about the Deca World Challenge 2006 click here

“The bike had been finally completed, I would try and complete at least a marathon before dark”
To read about the World Cup Triple Ironman 2007 click here

“The emotional effect of these long races is shown as many weep as they cross the finishing line for the final time. Tamas kisses the ground, but as for myself, I just feel relived that I have no need to swim, cycle or run ever again”
To read about the World Deca Ironman Championships2007 click here

” I would be most annoyed with myself if I lost 3rd place after all this effort”
To read about the Long Swim 2008 click here

“I carefully negotiated one lap taking particular care in the wood section. However, on the second lap, CRASH; down I went”
To read about the Lichfield Double Ironman 2008 click here

“It was interesting walking a few laps with Hilberberto. His mobile phone would ring continually as he continued with his insurance business during the race”
To read about the Quintuple World Ironman Championships 2008 click here

Here is a written guide to training for a Deca from our Deca Ironman competitor Arthur Puckrin, it’s truly fascinating reading!

“It was so narrow that by the time you had negotiated the passage you had formed an intimate relationship.”
To read about the 12 Hour International Swimming Championships2009 click here.

“We had already lost one competitor to a duck, and I did not wish to be the second.”
To read about the Quintuple World Ironman Championships 2009 click here

“However, disaster was not far away. As I approached the end of the lap I could feel myself falling asleep on the bike”
To read about the National 24 Hour Time Trial Championships 2010 click here

“On the second night I started hallucinating. The roof started to grown grass and it kept moving down towards my head. Nothing alarming, just curious.”
To read about the World Double Deca Biathlon Championship 2010 click here

“just keep the wheels turning and eventually the end will come.”
To read about the Long Distance all-rounder Cycling Championships 2011 click here

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